Friday, December 4, 2009

hairy green donut

so, i just finished three weeks in a first grade class with the sweetest teacher ever and the most fun 6 year olds in the world. i fell in love with one of them, named Ramon. he is the smallest kid in the class and looks like a little tiny Omar. so cute. when he talks he gets all up in your face and his eyes become super wide and he talks with a lisp/ slight spanish accent and he says the most random things. for example:
"i drew a worm. do you think its the cutest worm ever?"
"i like oreos because im so good at eating them!"
"i worked SO SO SOOOOO hard today!"
"do you think im stronger than my dad?"
(after playing Scrabble Slam together) "this is the best day of school ever! of my whole entire life!"
"we celebrate christmas because its santas birthday!"
but my verrry favorite was Thursday when i had them write in their journals about a family holiday tradition, and he wrote
"my favorite family holiday tradishun is when we always hang a big green donut on are door. and its hairy!"

get it? a big, green, hairy, donut??? i will never call it a wreath again.

oh, and once upon a time (aka last year) we werent too sick to go to our annual Magical Forest trip. like, we werent stuck at home while all of our friends enjoyed a tradition that we've had for FIVE years. whatever. eff you, flu.


my name is lauren. said...

that's hillarious!

i'm a preschool teacher and i love coming home and telling my husband about all the funny things the kids say.

Rebecca Louise. said...

Ramon you have made my day! :D

Lemon said...

a big green hairy donut!! that is the best. i love the things kids say!