Wednesday, December 30, 2009

a productive day, 525,600 minutes and a speech

today i went to
3 Targets
2 Ross'
80% of the stores at the mall
2 random boutiques

where i wore a ballgown. it was pretty legit.

so, im pretty stoked for 2010. it just seems so new and awesome and has so much to look forward to and im just kind of over this decade.
i mean, like every significant thing that has ever happened in my life happened in the last decade, but its also been pretty hard in some aspects.

tonight was my friend Max's 30th birthday and after we sang happy birthday everyone started chanting
for him to give a speech, so he did. it was more of a thank you, yada yada yada kind of thing, but what do you even give a speech on?
"how do you measure a year in the life?" (name that musical)
okay, so i was thinking about life speeches and whatnot and heres what i would say to all of my people if i had to give a speech:
"hi, ladies and gentlemen of my life. its new years and we have lived another year of life. and thats really cool because there are alot of people who havent lived another year of life. some people died, but we lived! and thats so awesome and totally out of our control, but good job! this year some people were born, and some were married, and some loved and some fought and there were wars and peace and joy and i brushed my teeth more than 600 times. okay, probably like 400, because i always forget to brush at night. anyway, im really glad that we got to live this whole life thing together, lets keep doing it! its so great! and im having so much fun! i hope you are too. i love you. thank you for being my friend."
and then i would bow and omar would cheer the loudest because hes the best fan ever. and then i would go home and think about how really really really grateful i am to get to be a part of this life with all of you people. youre the best people in the history of ever.