Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I think you're an awesome girl

Thanks to that sweet girl, Quenchant of the Curious, for this blog award:
which requires 10 useless/interesting facts about me:
1. One time I lived off of just Nutella and bread and box wine for an entire week in Paris.
2. I have a ten inch horizontal scar on the left side of my body.
3. I kissed 25 boys before I met my husband, and I have them written down in chronological order. Eww.
4.  I ran before I walked and I walked before I crawled, which has made me terribly uncoordinated.
5. I like peanut butter, mayonnaise, banana, raisin sandwiches.
6. Recently I developed an addiction to any and all hair products that smell like pumpkin.
7. I know more than half of the Hannukah prayer for lighting the menorah. I also know the preamble to the constitution by heart. 
8. I don't call my husband by his name, nor does he call me by mine. We are both just "Baba," and always have been.
9. This weekend I spent $14 on 4 shirts and 2 pairs of pants, all brand new, all with pricetags of more than $20.
10. I recently stopped taking birth control because it was ruining my life, and now my hub and I are navigating through natural family planning. Birth control was so much easier.
And now, I pass this award onto Roed Book, Chelseaamberrobbins, and Making Memories.