Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dear Anne Frank, Thanks.

"And finally I twist my heart round again, so that the bad is on the outside and the good is on the inside, and keep on trying to find a way of becoming what I would so like to be, and could be, if there weren't any other people living in the world."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Living with a bum wife who doesnt listen

poor omar. im really a pain in the ass.
like, really.
like, last night for instance, when he wanted food and i demanded that we go to panda express even though i dont like chinese food at all, but just because there was a jamba juice inside the same place where there is a panda, and then the jamba juice was closed but i demanded that the guy make me a smoothie anyway because i used to make smoothies and really? they arent that hard to make. he made me one. it was strawberry and tasted way too foamy.
anyway, back to the reason im a pain in the ass, he cleaned his side of the room like 3 days ago and mine is still all piled up and im laying in bed and hes at school getting an education and actually contributing to society. im so glad we know Christ. seriously though, without Him we would be a pair of drunken pot-heads with no jobs or money or education and we would probably live off of our parents for the rest of our lives. with Christ, only a third of that is true, and thats great. we dont suck at life entirely.
oh ya, and i dont listen. like, omar will tell me something and then ill be like "umm...thats a really dumb idea" and then five minutes later i'll be like "oh, ya, we should totally do this and that" and he'll be like "umm... i said that like five minutes ago."
sorry if this is completely incoherent.
i've been bringing this up alot lately, but when i was in high school i had a boyfriend who cleaned my room multiple times a week. and then bought me flowers. and made me peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches cut diagonally. and wrote me poems that he typed up in cool fonts and put on my mirror. and brought me breakfast everyday when he picked me up for school. and not just breakfast, like all of my favorite foods and hot chocolate and mix cds too. and carried me everywhere.
and hes dead now (which i put pretty bluntly, but it actually makes me want to throw up everytime i think about it.)
anyway, i have been loved well. abundantly. and i think that he taught me how to be loved, but in ways that were much more tangible than any other person could ever offer, and so now i have this totally rad husband who does everything for me but i dont appreciate it because it seems mediocre? so lame of me. sorry if i sound like a spoiled brat, im really not. but kind of am.
but around here, you dont gotta lie to kick it. moral of the story: omar rocks at life and husbandry. 

Dear Jesus, Thanks.

It happened. 25 people. Leaders, Parents, High school girls who gave up their Saturday night to hang out with us, and kids who laughed and danced and sang and played games and ate pizza and were loved and valued and thats all that matters.

{And to you I lift my voice
And to you I lift my hands
And to you I give my heart...}