Saturday, May 15, 2010

can i just share some thoughts about life?

im really bad at doing laundry. i know at some point i should have given omar some kind of disclaimer, like "doesnt understand the concept of laundry and will trick you into cooking dinner every night but also love you alot forever" that would have been much more fair. i dont really get why its assumed that wives do the laundry. youre literally carrying huge loads of clothing down the stairs and loading them into giant spinning machines. that sounds more like guy stuff to me. like lumberjacking.

why are cheese and chocolate so delicious? im trying so hard to live without them and its not working. especially cheese. cheese is the bane of my existence and the cause of my squishy little love handles. if cheese was removed from the world, i would be invincible. and really really sad. peanutbutter too.

summer is here summer is here summer is here and i want to eat it up and drink it til i feel it tingle all the way in my toesy toes. delicious summer, how i love your freedom.

another thought, anytime i get annoyed with omar, there is one thing that always comforts me. I DIDNT MARRY SPENCER PRATT. thank you jesus. 

i cant wait to blog about disneyland. another day.

Monday, May 10, 2010

delightful, darling weekend

we graduated college and celebrated mothers day and it was the best ever. sitting between my best friend and my husband next to the girls that have held me up and pushed me through the last 2 years was perfect and totally made up for the most boring ceremony ever. we felt blessed and supported and anxious and walked towards the stage together. i really like life events where you enter a room one way and leave the room as something else; ex- weddings and graduations and births. pivotal. life is so fun and exciting!!!!!!