Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Chapter Twelve: Keno

Over the next few months, Omar and I had many adventures together:

(we learned how to kiss like turtles)

(went hiking in Mt. Charleston)

(rode carriages on a leader trip in Utah)

(celebrated my 21st birthday)

(saw Jimmy Carter speak)

(and developed a relationship based on stinky feet and unconditional love)

One day, in early October, we went to have dinner with Omar's aunt from Venezuela. We sat down in the coffee shop in the Bellagio, and decided to play keno. I won four dollars!!! And we vowed to only spend one dollar every ten years. And only on something very important. This led to a discussion on when we would get married. We decided that we definitely would wait until we both had graduated with our masters. So, we planned our wedding for some time in 2011.

However, once we made this decision, all we could talk about was how excited we were to marry eachother. We talked about where we wanted to get married, and I started looking at dresses and picking out my bridesmaids. We started praying, and God spoke into our hearts His date for our wedding. And we were shocked.

to be continued...


Rebecca Louise. said...

I want it to be July 29th but don't think it will lol. Beautifully written Allie! :)

Chelsea Robbins said...

"we learned how to kiss like turtles"

That instantly put a smile on my face. You guys are too funny~ Way to start my day off right! I was praying this morning for God to give me supernatural energy because this baby has been kicking my butt the last few days at work. Baby baking is EXHAUSTING!

Lov you chick

Jessica said...

I'm sorry I make kissing pictures awkward! :) That's what I'm here for. I love your story! Its funny how you forget the details over time, I totally forgot that you met us up in San Diego that year, but I do remember thinking that was the last time we would see you single!! Love you!