Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a shark bit her arm off!

so, yesterday i was an extra on the set of CSI las vegas.
i know, i know, please no autographs.
it was so much fun! mostly because we got free food and got to stand around in bathing suits all day.  and i got to go down a slide through a shark tank. seriously. i also got paid to go swimming and drink water out of martini glasses. so, there was that. and that was great.
i think celebrities are funny. i hope i never have to be one. i would not not not want to ever do that for a serious living. the networking and superficiality is just too much for me. i can stand behind caution tape pretending to gawk at a girl who "had her arm bitten off my a shark" and try not to laugh, but thats definitely as far as i want to go in show biz. besides, i know pat sajak, and he is about as star struck as i get.