Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Its July

July= anniversary month. As in, month of TWO YEARS AND WERE STILL MARRIED. Score! Every year is one more dart in the face of the naysayers and ridiculous divorce rates. In celebration I will probably be writing more often than usual about how I accidentally married my best friend, not even knowing that under his handsome, rugged, overpriced clothing, was the man of my dreams. I thought I knew, but I was deeply infatuated and he is really cute and fun and funny, and those things are nice but they arent the kind of things that hold marriages together. Or maybe they are.
Anyway, I lucked out. Hit the jackpot with a quarter I found on the ground. Lucky me!

lover's quarrel

me: i love you, kid.
hub: hmm?
me: love you, kid.
hub: i'm a person. a grown up person.
me: oh. love you, person.
hub: ahem?
me: love you, grown up person.