Friday, May 28, 2010

future baby name list on the eve of my (other) best friend's wedding.

i have two best friends. they are incredible. everyone says they love their friends (duh.), but when people meet either one of these girls they say that they wish they could be best friends with them. like, this has happened on numerous occasions in both cases. im generally really bad at social skills, and these phenomenal girls have put up with me and shared life with me for extended periods of time. they love like its going out of style. as of tomorrow, i will probably have cried my weight in tears because of their weddings. i literally thought that i had run out of tears at whitneys wedding last month, until tonight's rehearsal where i thought i was going to throw up because my tear ducts werent able to express the intense wave of emotion. weddings are insane, man. 
 (jessica crying her eyes out at my wedding. its entirely possible that i will beat her in the most hysterical bridesmaid contest that neither one of us chose to enter)

but, what i really want to blog about right now is names of future babies. (no, not in 9 months, future, like down the road, future). im really good at distracting myself from stressful things by thinking of things of absolutely no present relevance. like baby names. so, here are the potential names of our future children, unless we change our minds (which happens every other day. except for the first one, that will never change):
Grace Amara (meaning grace; without limits) ((the only drawback to this is that her initials will be GAG)
Anna or Hannah (i just really like palindromes and anna means grace, and were totally into that) 
Ava(like aww-vuh, again with the palindromes. meaning: life)
Lucy Skye (we like the beatles and girls with kaleidoscope eyes)
Kaiah (a little hawaii-ish, means rare beauty or start of a season, both are cool if you ask me)
Ciella (Ella for short, omar says he made it up and it means heaven. whatev.)

there are exactly zero boys names that i love that sound good with our last name and are not taken by someone we know. i cant name my kid after a living person, living people have so many opportunities to mess up ya know?

Gabriel Cole (god is my might)
omar tried for Gibson for a while. haha.

and just for kicks, here are some that i love love love but that we could never name our kids because, really? mia garcia? (or above mentioned reason.)
Tyler (for a girl, side rant: i love love love love love the name Grace Tyler. not going to happen though.)

i think baby names are so funny. i mean, you think you know a person and then bam! they tell you what baby names they like and youre like, "huh?"

p.s. (ive never used more parenthesis in my life.)