Friday, December 26, 2008

new years resolutions

this should have been titled "things about myself that i have to change before i go insane" or "i will easily ruin my life if i dont resolve to attempt to correct the following flaws"

so, in all of their broken, imperfect, redeemed glory, my resolutions that happen to fall around the same time as the new year:
(side note: yesterday morning, while my family and i are were gathered around the christmas tree, i was thinking about how far my heart has come in the last 6 years. i am an entirely different human being, and i am shocked that i have the same blood pumping through my veins and the same reflection in the mirror. God has done a supreme work in my soul and has rooted out many, many, things in me that are not supposed to be there and even when my faith is lacking i look back and the undeniable truth is that i am a new creation and that Gods love has completed me and shaped me and there is hope and healing in what He has already done.)

1. listen more, to God, to people (be quick to listen, slow to speak)
2. KEEP MY WORD. ALWAYS, ALWAYS. (dont make plans that i wont follow through with, don't say ill call someone back and not do it, be a person of integrity)
3. stop procrastinating!!! do things as soon as possible not as late as possible. duh.
(side note number two: even as im writing this i am getting angry at myself for doing these things. maybe that should have been number three, "dont be so hard on myself")
4. for my sweet husbands sake, establish consistency by putting things back where i got them from, which would probably start with finding a place to keep everything.
5. even though i am not suzie homemaker, and never will be, and i absolutely hate cooking and cleaning to the core of my existence, but i need to start making my home more liveable. it is not a disaster, but it feels like there is always some mess somewhere and it makes me feel at unrest and peacelessness (which i dont think is a word)

But, ultimately, I agree with my boy Jonathan Edwards, "Resolution one: I will live for God. Resolution two: if no one else does, I still will."