Sunday, February 7, 2010

my funny valentine

to my valentine birthday,
my beanie baba babushkie,
my darlingest of all darlings and silliest of all sillies,
before i met you i was a little confused
(okay, alot confused)
about marriage and the way marriage looks in real life-
i had disney dreams and i read alot of books
ALOT of books
and love looked like passionate longing and intense amounts of insecurity
 and white horses
 and girls with long names
and in all the stories they lived happily ever after the day they said
"i do"
and i always wondered if marriage was the end, the finale, the way to say that they made it.
the pictures they painted were perfectly balanced and wonderfully tragic and
i expected you to ride in on a chariot of gold and climb up my hair
and i didnt realize that happily ever after was only the beginning.
everyone else has taught me to be frantic and urgent
and to live live live live until you cant take it anymore, and i try to wrap you up in that,
but you,
in all of your flawed brilliance and masculine beauty,
you taught me how to really live happily ever after
you make me so calm when the world screams crazy,
and you showed me how to like pepper
and you fixed the tailpipe on my car
you tell me the most boring bedtime stories ever
and you criticize the way i mop
you look at me like you know me
like you know what happens to me on the inside
you hate it when i get my way,
but you (almost) always let me
you are so good at cooking meat so that its not too chewy or lemony or spicy
just right
and you clean the chocolate syrup off my chin at baskin robbins
and you never let your finger nails get too long, but you always have to be reminded about your toes
and you  forget to set your alarm clock almost every day
but never forget to excitedly scream my name when i walk in the front door
you push me and push me and push me until i lose my patience and i cant take it anymore
but you open your arms and i envelop me in kisses and
you always always always say you are sorry first
and i know that im a mess and im unpredictable and all over the place
but you are my rock, and my anchor and my home
 my happily ever after.