Sunday, January 1, 2012


2011 will go down as the craziest year of my life. i have never grown so much in a single year. i am stronger, braver, more humble, more grateful, and more in awe of the power of Christ than i have even been. a few things that happened this year (in no particular order):
- we were on national television (wheel of fortune) where we won a trip to puerto rico!
-i was awarded "new teacher of the year" for CCSD!
-we remodeled our house!
-we hiked vernal falls in yosemite, and we didnt even die!
-we stopped drinking alcohol completely.
-i went to california more times than i can count. at least more than 6 times. 
-we drove to san francisco and got to see the golden gate bridge!
-i got a master's degree!!!!
-i asked my boss if she would double the size of my classroom and hire my best friend, jocelyn, to co-teach with me and she did! we have 9 of the cutest, best, kids ever. our kids have grown and are doing things that we were told they would never do.
-toured hollywood with my baby sister and stayed at a fancy hotel.
-we camped on the beach with 6 of our friends!
-jocelyn (see above) went from being a classmate, to being one of my very best friends. she gave her life to Jesus 3 months ago, and has immensely blessed my life with her presence in it!
-Jesus saved my marriage. He gave us a hope and a future when we saw none. redemption has never been more tangible than it was in 2011!!!!!
-watched my best friend give birth to her perfect little boy. we are obsessed with him!
- omar started a job at the raddest church in america. he spends everyday serving God with my best friend's husband.  rad!
-went on a mermaid trip with my favorite girls to disneyland and rode the mermaid ride!!!
-omar got into seminary to be a pastor!
-we started the process to get our foster care license!
-we spent 8 days in puerto rico riding horses through the rainforest, hiking, kayaking in bioluminescent bays,  best vacation of my life and it was FREE! thanks, pat sajak!

(in making this list, i realized a few things. one- this is a blessed life. i can't believe i'm living it. two- 2011 was a LONG year. i had to look at facebook pictures, because i didn't remember most of what happened in the first six months of this year. pure, utter, chaos that i can't believe happened, and praise the lord! we came out on top.)


Jessie Thetford said...

Wow, Allie. This is both incredibly beautiful and humbling. Thank you so much for sharing the joys and victories of this year for you and Omar! Praise God for growth and change! Love this!!! :D

Anonymous said...

You forgot a MAJOR event in your 2011 recap timeline. 2011 is the year you vowed to never cheat again!! This is an incredible resolution and it is a worthy mention. Mostly because candyland might never be the same again!! I can't wait to spend 2012 as your worthy opponent with an even shot at winning board games :)

I am so happy to look back at this year knowing that God moved in the perfect moments if your life. I am so happy knowing you are so happy. 2012 will be 10 times more amazing than 2011. I just know it :)

Love you!!! - Whitney (not anonymous, I forgot my password) ha!

Michelle's Style File said...

Sounds like an amazing and blessed year.