Thursday, December 10, 2009

a grand discovery

so once upon a time i began researching a certain music artist and listening to every. single. song shes ever written. and i may or may not have watched all of her music videos and read her biography and looked at every picture that she has on google images and then facebooked about my new discovery and how much i love her. and then all of my friends, including middle aged men, were like, "umm, she came out like three years ago and you just now noticed?" and, well yeah.
im thinking about standing outside her window and begging her to get matching BFF bracelets with me, but apparently thats considered stalking?


Anonymous said...

haha you are too cute! i love Taylors new bangs so adorable!

rikki garcia said...

haha allie you are hilarious! i think im gonna stand outside your window until you agree to have best friend bracelets with me!

kELLO! said...

haha. my husband LOVES taylor swift. if we get home and her song is still on, we have to sit in the car and wait until she has finished singing. his crush used to be secret, now he tells anyone and everyone who will listen. he would be right there with you outside her window. :)

p.s. i literally LOLed at p90sex!