Friday, June 5, 2009

Her, here, too.

So, its her here.

You know, the girl who has been missing for the last year or two.

The girl who was afraid to be herself because of,.... no reason. Just afraid, I think. Too many people to impress. Anyway, just wanted to let you (myself) know that im baaaaaaaaack, or at least im trying to get back. And quite possibly will get back, because summer has a way of making me very, very, alive. I am currently redefining "home," both literally and spiritually. Its pretty intense. I get to spend my days "finding myself" and creating and loving humans and isnt that what the hokey pokey is really all about anyway? Hopefully I learn to cook and I make lots of cool stuff out of other peoples trash, and hopefully if I suck at both of those things, I dont beat myself up for it. I just really want to be the best part of myself, all the time, and there have been times where I have been but then they go away, and I just want them to stay. So, I invited them to hang out for the summer, and just be. By the way, I love you. I hope the fact that i've been a selfish, stuck-up, lazy, too busy, crazy for a little while hasnt scared you off. Sorry.


Chelsea Robbins said...

Com over so we can get crafty and cook it up!

Rebecca Louise. said...

Your such a beautiful person, Allie :-) xo.

autumn said...

I am so excited to read about the summertime adventures with trueyou and newyou. Lovely.