Sunday, May 31, 2009

A tribute to Jessica

I have waited for the appropriate time to do this tribute, and at 3:45 this morning, the time was right.

My best friend, Jessica, and I have known eachother for six years. Our friendship started off rough because she tried to steal my life when I was in Europe, or so I thought. She started hanging out with my closest friend at the time, which was actually a godsend. Through some careful manipulation on His part, Jessica and I ended up hanging out. The first time we spent time together one-on-one, we emptied all the change out of my car, went to Denny's, bought milkshakes, and played board games.
We did outlandish, spontaneous, childish, wonderful things everytime we hung out. (Still do)
She is the only person I have ever known who would accompany me in buying a unicorn kite at eleven o'clock at night, take it to the park, and fly it while running through the sprinklers and blasting Spice Girls from the car stereo.

Jessica is the kind of friend every person dreams of having.

She is my sister forever and easily the best friend that I have ever had; in six years, her loyalty and love has not run out or grown weary. Not even once.

She has stood by my side in each and every joy and challenge, embracing them as her own but providing endless encouragement and support.

She is the most genuine, candid, caring, human being in the world, and anyone who has ever crossed her path can vouch for that.

And this morning, she got engaged to a wonderful young man who is absolutely perfect for her. Mostly because they have a cumulative height of about 9 feet. Just kidding.

Jess, thank you for being you.


Rebecca Louise. said...

I loved this and congratulations Jess! xo.

Suki said...

Congratulations Jess.
Such special friends are not very often.

Jessica said...

Thank you so much!!! That was so incredibly sweet and it means so much to me. I am so excited to start planning with you! Love you best friend.