Saturday, June 6, 2009


Last night in the car I started thinking about my "dream life." Like, the one that I have never thought about before, because, I dont know, fear or deeply rooted psychological issues or or or. Anyway, here it is, for documentations sake.

So hopefully someday ill look back and say, "Dang, I dreamed so small."

I want to live by the beach (like biking distance), preferably in California, in a somewhat small, old, house that we have fixed up ourselves. One with a space for a garden and room for a hammock or tire swing in the backyard, preferably. Oh, and I want beach cruisers, or a tandem.

And, yeah, okay, I want 5 million kids, but ideally, I'd like to have three or four of our own and adopt a couple too. Really. My heart breaks and beats for adoption. AND since this is my dream life, im going to go ahead and say that i'd like two or three girls and a boy we made ourselves. And two adopted babies. African American and South American ones. And I want to raise our children to know that they are infinitely loved, accepted, and wanted, by God and by us. I want them to grow up knowing that they have a purpose and place in this world. And I want to let them eat ice cream for breakfast sometimes and keep them home from school every once in a while so we can play with chalk or build sandcastles.

And I'd like to work in full time ministry. Preferably as a staff person for a church or for Younglife Capernaum ministries. Something ideally to do with people with disabilities or youth ministry. I really just want use my life to show people how much God loves them.

And I want to be happily married to Omar for all the days of my life. I want to grow with him and because of him and continue to journey through this life together. I want him to do what he loves and have a job that gives him purpose and meaning. I want him to know the importance of his role as the father to our children, and I want to see him grow in his love for Christ and people. I want us to be more in love at 75 then we are now.

Proverbs 19:21
Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.

and thats all that really matters anyway.


Rebecca Louise. said...

You know I do believe if you dream hard enough it can happen. I bet it will :-) x

Jessica said...

I can imagine you guys living like this. Look at Myrtle Beach too! That last picture is interesting haha

Holly said...

I like this post. I want lots of children too. :)

Jessica said...

I love your dreams! they are so similar to my own. :) I hope that the Lord gives you everything you dream of, or changes your heart in the process. Beautiful and inspiring.