Wednesday, January 7, 2009

the purse-uit of happiness

this is the purse that i got for christmas- (hi tia!!!!) and havent put down since. its safe to say that i am obsessed with it and it is becoming an idol. kidding. kind of. it just so happens to match almost everything, and everywhere i go people tell me how wonderful it is and ask where i got it and i have no idea which is awesome.
anyway, ive been addicted to the patterns and have painted them on canvases and i am considering decorating my downstairs bathroom to match my paintings of my purse. weird.obviously the hunt is on for beautifully colored, textured, possibly printed, but totally mismatched bathroom accessories. in addition to those, we have the COOLEST yellow antique mirror and shelf that was purchased by my wonderful mother-in-law hanging in our bathroom.

ahh, the joys of nesting, minus the child looming in the future. let the preening begin.


Tia said...

You are too much! I LOVE YOU!

Jessica said...

Now that I have the bathroom decorating book, we can go for it! Not that we need a book. First music room, then bathroom, then the world! love you!!!