Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gentle people with flowers in their hair

there are two things i like about living in vegas:
1. knowing my way around. kind of... i can get lost anywhere, here it just happens less often.
2. my people. it would be extremely difficult to not live near the people that carry my heart around in theirs. i remember the voids of australia 2006, and how hard it was to be without my best friends... i decided that i would never do it again. where you are is so meaningless compared to who youre with.


i feel like there is a part of me that belongs in San Francisco. heres the thing, ive never actually been there (i went to europe for two months once and told my dad i had gotten a job at international pool in san francisco so that he wouldnt worry about me being 18 and in a foreign country completely by myself...i didnt tell him the truth until a year ago.)

so, all i know of san fran is my false stories of alcatraz and haight ashbury. beyond that, my dreams have weaved pictures of what being there would be like; a world of class and style mixed with culture, oh so much culture, and art and music and natural beauty and created beauty and see? im lost in it again.

i feel like omar and i are made to live here. oh, what i wouldnt give to look out my window and see the Full House set, spend time with hippie bums and shop at eclectic stores with graffiti art on the windows, have a home that doesnt look like an exact mold of every other house in the city, and to be able to rollerblade down the sidewalk with our fingers intertwined and our lungs full of fresh air.

I left my heart
In San Francisco
High on the hill

It calls to me.
To be where little cables cars
Climb halfaway to the stars!
The morning fog may
chill the air.

I don't care!
-Frank Sinatra

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Chelsea Robbins said...

You should bring over your Europe pics and I can show you my san fran pics and we can both get to see pics of places we both want to go....

My experience with san fran was this: My first trip, i went to visit a friend, had a great time. We went to organic hot dog stands, and thrift stores, an awesome hip hop show, I ate a 15.00 bagel with salmon on it at house that was converted into a restaurant. We walked around berkley and checked out the indie film theatre. The second time, i went with Dustin and it was terrible. We were in a bad area, thought we were going to get shot or robbed every night when we walked home. Homeless people haggled me for food and money...The hotel was nasty and it wasn't the best experience I ever had. I do love san fran. The food is amazing there! I want to hear your tales of Europe!