Monday, January 12, 2009


this weekend we went to Bakersfield, California. it was absolutely exhilarating, as you can imagine.

but really, it was fun. it made for some good conversation and the boys bonded over calling each other gay and talking about farting. Omar's band, Summit Grove, keeps getting better and better, and they respond so well to the overpowering, unconditional, absolute devotion of 13 year old girls who approach them, 32 at once, asking them to please sign their poster, shirt, shoe, cell phone, face, soul. but seriously, its really fun to watch them interact. and then watch the same girls ask me for my autograph, because "you're omar's wife, and I hope im just like you when I get older." and my heart turns to mush. i dont blame them...not for wanting to be like me, but for recognizing that being Omar's wife is an honor and i am damn lucky. and because being his wife gets you conversations like these:

(sunday, january eleventh, 2:30-something a.m. after a ridiculous "discussion" because we were both tired and delirious and i cant fall asleep until all is right in the world so i forced him to stay up and argue with me)

(him) and it really bothers me when you say that everything is your favorite.

(me) everything is my favorite.

but thats really annoying. how can everything be your favorite?

well, sushi is my favorite food to eat on a daily basis. but escargot is my favorite food that i never get to eat. and you like steak and lobster and those are two different things and they are both your favorite.

but youre my favorite person. just you. thats it. my only favorite.

(heart= mush puddle) good night babas.

good night babas.

deep down i think im kind of insecure about our love. we both are. we have both been let down by so many people that we havent learned to trust eachother fully yet, which is something i know that takes time. which is why, sometimes, i push him until he declares in his own words that even though im a total pain in the ass most of the time, he thinks im the greatest thing in the world. because even though we see eachothers hearts, all the good and all the bad, we are learning to see eachother as the gifts that we are- and its a journey. but the bottom line is, there is absolutely no other person that i would rather learn how to be married with.

and, just for omars sanity, my favorites, carefully thought out and stable and true:

Number- don't have one. i hate numbers.
Color- pink. always has been, always will be. but i never wear it and would not want to decorate my house in it. i just like it when it comes to slurpee straws and remnants of my childhood.
Holiday- Christmas. it used to be fourth of july, but only because i really like fireworks. ive realized that fireworks exist outside of fourth of july and i feel free.
Month- december. coats, lights, hugs, and they sell peppermint everything.
Song- this is the complicated one, because everything really is my favorite song. this is the one that drives omar insane, and probably triggered The Great Favorite Debate. how can anyone have a favorite song??? but for arguments sake, all you need is love- by the beatles.
Food- sushi.
Game- super mario kart - battle version.
Drink- chai tea frappucino at starbucks.
Candy- peanutbutter m&ms
Ice Cream- frozen yogurt-at uswirl.
Season- summer
Band- The Beatles. hands down.
Movie- Garden State. this one is just like the songs though. close seconds are beauty and the beast and i am sam. but you can only have one favorite.
Animal- anything that isnt a pet. i think i like elephants.
Item of Clothing- boots. all of them.
Word- altruism
Place- San Sebastian, Spain
Person- Omar.


Chelsea Robbins said...

you forgot to put chelsea under your favorit pregnant people....just saying.

The shower is January 24th at 11:30

Look in your mail box hooker, Lamia is invited too! It should have gotten to you already!

Chelsea Robbins said...

Something to make you laugh from one of our fav blogs....we're such nerds.
"One afternoon this past week, I did not discover that Big Mac had used scissors to cut a very well-placed hole in his pajama bottoms so that his "penis could stick out," and I am not blogging about it, because that could be really embarrassing for him when he gets older"