Tuesday, October 18, 2011

watch that fratboy

this is a conversation from june of 2005 with my best friend, whitney. oh man. thank you, Jesus, for giving me her and for the infinite ways You have blessed our friendship.

Kissinpixiedust: i heard you were putting your first name with deans last name
Kissinpixiedust: WTF
Tardass752: okay I am having horrible flash backs of chad
Tardass752: lol
Kissinpixiedust: chad is a good thing in retrospect
Tardass752: that means where's the funk right
Tardass752: only in retrospect
Kissinpixiedust: whitney the freak
Tardass752: wally the frog
Kissinpixiedust: white toe fungus
Tardass752: winnie the fool
Kissinpixiedust: where the food
Kissinpixiedust: watch that fratboy
Tardass752: wear tight fruit
Kissinpixiedust: wash tibetan flags
Tardass752: whine to fred
Kissinpixiedust: your mom
Tardass752: no i don't think that is it
Kissinpixiedust: we jsut spent the entire day and night together. and now were tlakign on aim. thats pathetic
Tardass752: yup its official..... who needs a boyfriend
Tardass752: we wouldnt have time for one
Kissinpixiedust: what would we even do with one
Tardass752: pay each other to dump him I guess
Tardass752: next ones we date...lets let them be the absolute wrong guy
Tardass752: just for kicks
Tardass752: like you date kyle and ill date mike
Tardass752: or sean carmona
Tardass752: or your dad
Tardass752: or greg
Tardass752: and you date ....
Tardass752: jon mamies
Kissinpixiedust: can i just date dean
Kissinpixiedust: hes totally the wrong guy
Kissinpixiedust: cmon please
Tardass752: and then we can go get fake brontisoruos tattos
Tardass752: because we will be fake dating
Tardass752: then you will definatly have those shoes!!!
Kissinpixiedust: OKAY
Kissinpixiedust: lets do it
Kissinpixiedust: no ksising or holding hands though
Tardass752: ewww gross
Tardass752: I would never kiss you
Kissinpixiedust: i thought we were talking about DEAN
Kissinpixiedust: idiot
Tardass752: I am still uncontrolably laughing
Tardass752: I am the funniest person i know
Kissinpixiedust: at least someone thinks so.
Tardass752: I think the loratabs are finally kicking in