Saturday, October 22, 2011

just the facts- foster edition

today we completed day 5 of our foster care training. i am halfway (after three hours--just tonight, in addition to the other 4 days) through with the paperwork process which involves so much more than just paperwork.
so far, we love our agency.
did i mention that we are getting licensed in treatment foster care? to qualify, children have to have a medical diagnosis of some kind and are in need of healing. we were trained in how to deal with minor to severe behaviors and to love kids into healing. the process for this is a little bit more extensive than typical foster care, but the support is much greater. we truly believe that our agency loves kids and has their best interest in mind, which is contrary to much of what is believed about regular state foster care. we are still praying for the children that will live in our home, and trying to trust God in the many question marks. in the deepest parts of my heart, the ultimate goal is adoption. its scary to type that out because the mentality behind that puts us at great risk for disappointment. we also want to ensure that we are loving the hell out of every kid, even if their ultimate plan is to be reunified with their biological parents. our goal is to make a permanent difference in the life of a child, regardless of what their future holds.
i love watching omar's interest in finding out the ages of every kid he meets and how he interacts with them in such a loving, genuine, positive way. he is the best dad ive ever met and he doesnt even have kids yet.
still praying for a little boy, omar desperately needs an excuse to buy the new transformer toys.


Chantelle said...

I am so grateful to you for doing this. There is such a tremendous need. Keep sharing with us please! :)

Chantelle said...

Oh, I just remembered that you might be interested in one of my other sites - MomsRelate(dot)com. There is a section for foster moms and I'd love to add your blog if you'd like. :)

Kate said...

Hey lady. I am excited to see that you are heading towards a foster family. Just wanted you to know that we have a life group that meets Sundays now that is specifically for parents of foster kids and adoptive kids. Might be something to look into as you become parents as a way of support.

Jessie Thetford said...

wow wow WOW!
I am so excited for you guys.
God reveals so much of his character to us through parenting... this is going to be quite an adventure!!! :D Love you guys!!!