Thursday, January 7, 2010

husbands and wives and healthy eating

omar: mmm i want some ice cream.
me: ughhh, i cant have any ice cream.
omar: yes you can. this ice cream is all natural.
me: oh. well. the whole idea is not to eat crap. ice cream is cra.....
 omar: me, on the other hand, im a man. my body was built to eat poison. and survive.

it all started when omar and i decided to do a 40 day fast, which involves not eating junk food. which turned into an all natural fast. which turned into me only eating fish and nuts and vegetables, and him eating ice cream, apparently.
i've been a junk food fiend since childhood. im pretty sure it started when my mom told me that sliced apples were cookies for the first four years of my life. i was deprived, and so i made up for it by being addicted to chocolate and doritos and anything made of sugar or with more than 10 grams of fat. once i ate a jar of nutella in 3 hours. dont act like youre not impressed.
anyway, i started wondering what it would be like to be healthy. like, if my body wasnt filled with chemicals and reeses pieces. so, we got ourselves a copy of P90X and some salmon and brown rice. then, suddenly, i realized i married a freakshow.

here is how we eat our food. guess which one is his.


Rebecca Louise. said...

The on the right hehe :)

my name is lauren. said...

i'm doing something similar...but not for 40 days. i feel better already. good luck sticking with it!

p.s. i love that you said "don't act like you're not impressed." i heart anchorman. it's my favorite.

Mama Bird said...

I agree. it's hard not eating junk. I haven't had sweets, wine, or pizza in almost 3 weeks. I can't run if i eat junk-it's just how i work. anyway. Good for you guys. I too filled my shopping cart with brown rice, veggies and chicken yesterday-BOO!