Monday, February 16, 2009

a quarter of a century ago...

A quarter of a century ago, he was born. And, in a way, I was born too, because every moment of his life for the last 25 years, is now a part of me. Because he is a part of me. And I had no idea how to tell him how grateful I am for that, so his 24 closest friends and family members and I wrote him letters. And I put them in a book. And I gave it to him for his birthday. And his eyes teared up when he realized how significant his life has been for so many people. And it has. No other person has touched my life the way he has.

My handsome husband,

Your lifesong- the melody to which your soul dances and your feet tap along to the beat. Twenty-five days after you were conceived a rhythm began in the tiny chambers of your chest, a flutter, but a song nonetheless. Long before your heart began to beat inside your mother’s womb, the Great Composer compiled the opus that would be your life, a carefully chosen chorus of people that would be your accompaniment, and the great things you would do to serenade the world. Your gifts are bountiful and you have been blessed with an indomitable spirit and a smile that could bring peace to a hundred year war. Your life sings a song of redemption and as you continue to allow love to prevail the gospel will be preached through your life even more clearly. You are, by far, the most intelligent and captivating human being I have ever known. When God speaks through you, the world is hypnotized. You’ve chosen to play your song in the key of He who has started a good work in you, and will not relinquish until you have taken your last breath. My prayer is that you will continue to have a faith that can move mountains, and that you will continue to face trials with resilience and motivation to travel deeper into the rabbit hole. I could not possibly feel more blessed to know you, to be chosen by God to be the other half to your duet. You serenaded me with your quick wit and single dimple, and the organ that was rapidly beating out of your chest that echoed the timpanies in my own heart. You stole me in a single moment, the only man who has ever tethered my unruly heart. How did I get so lucky to be chosen to be your wife? I thank God everyday for letting me be a part of your journey. 25 years from now, your 50th birthday letter will look very different. I’ll probably talk about how you have been the most wonderful father in the world to our many children and how I’ve loved touring the world with you and seeing lives be transformed by your music and your life. But mostly I will say that you have become the person that you set out to become; the encouraging, faithful, constant, middle-aged man who is known solely by his love for God and love for people. You’ve come so far already, my love, I cant wait to see where this life takes us. Thank you for being such an adventurous, patient, skillful, high-spirited, authentic, candid, man of God… your lifesong sings in perfect harmony with the world that you were created to change. I can’t wait to see the many amazing things that God does with your life.

Happy 25th birthday Babas! I love you.

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