Sunday, December 14, 2008

i have a dream (for 2033)

i look forward to the day that we can sit down with our children and talk to them about the way the world looked when we were their age. i wonder how much of it will be different, i wonder how much will be the same. i wonder if they will have any idea what proposition 8 is, or what they will think of our stories of civil rights protest marches. i wonder how they will react when we tell them that we watched the first african american president speak at the high school that we graduated from, or that we cried when they announced his presidency. maybe they will laugh at us when we tell them that when we didnt have internet until we were in middle school, or cell phones until we were fifteen.

regardless of what they think, i pray that we will have offered them a world where the love of Jesus is proclaimed openly, a world without wars on terrorism, one that spreads love, not hate. i hope we leave them in a place that they do not have to spend their lives cleaning up after our economic disasters, religious battles, social mishaps, or broken relationships. i pray that we leave them a legacy of love, and of hope, of dreams and of possibility, a place where they have learned from their ancestors mistakes and chosen love over hate, always. i pray that we will have given them the tools to use their lives in the best way possible, to love God with all that they are and pour out His love to the rest of the world. i hope that our children, whoever they are, will know that they are loved beyond comprehension and know that we have prayed for them and for the world they will live in long before they existed.

oh, and i hope they look just like this...which im sure they will:

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Chelsea Robbins said...

I love that you said that Conrad is going to be so brave. That's such a sweet thing to say! I'm sure he'll have many long profound conversations with his auntie allie!