Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Having no idea where your life is going other than who you're going there with is a little...unnerving. All of my dreams and desires are up in the air, floating around in the abyss with another person's hopes and goals waiting for some miraculous "big bang" between my life, his life, and God's will. I am close to success by the world's terms, having a master's degree by the time I'm 25, married to the love of my life, living in a nice two story house, with solid relationships and Egyptian cotton sheets. The American dream is beckoning us to seek a "normal" life, to live comfortably and die silently. And honestly? I want nothing to do with it. I suck at wanting what "everybody else" wants. Should I try harder to like coffee? Be better at mopping the kitchen floor? Make more of an effort to keep up with the laundry? or work harder to get more money to buy a better car so that ill be somehow happier?
“Our greatest fear as individuals....should not be of failure but of succeeding at things in life that really don’t matter…”-Tim Kizziar

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Chelsea Robbins said...

Preach it sista'

Maybe we can all go off somewhere and be missionaries someday! Or just have a baby soon and our kids can be best friends!!