Sunday, September 18, 2011

on migraines

the years that ive gotten migraines have officially outnumbered the years that ive spent without them. this means that the majority of my life has been dictated by the possible invasion of a migraine. i have tried prayer, chiropractors, brain scans, food journals, bathing in epsom salts, pain medication, prevention medication, vitamins, and botox. all of which have changed the lives of other migraine sufferers, and none of which have had a significant affect on me. i spent all night and all day in bed trying to will my migraine away. because of botox (yes! botox. fda approved for migraines as of april!), my migraines have decreased from 4 times a month, to two times a month. 
im writing this because my goal is to be migraine free by april of 2012.

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Jessie Thetford said...

Wow... I never knew how much you suffered from migraines!!! That's crazy!!! I hope they continue to decrease, Allie :) Sending you love!!!! <3