Wednesday, October 20, 2010

i wonder what people did before the world needed saving. im assuming that the only instance of this took place in a garden, where a man sat around
naming things
wandering around
doesnt exactly seem like "fullness of life" to me. i wonder if he wondered what he was waiting for.


Maryann said...

I don't think he was waiting for anything. He was experiencing the fullness of life by being in Gods presence at all times! Being able to speak and hear God audibly, living without a care in the world, waiting for nothing because he had everything!

"I want to be in Eden, to be naked and unafraid in a sweet down pour of innocent rain, I want it like it was back then, I want to be in Eden."
Phil Wickham.
Just some food for thought. xo

Rebecca Louise. said...

Good thought there.

shari @ little blue deer said...

Very introspective, good food for thought. Really like your blog name, happy to find you, definitely following!