Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the plan v.s. The Plan

we have a plan for our lives. its ridiculously foolish, but its a plan. actually, to be honest, its more my plan than omar's. hes much more go with the flow. im much more panic and organized chaos. hence, the plan. im scared to death of our perfect little plan because it has little detours and those detours have plans and sometimes i share part of the plan with people and they say things that make me readjust the plan. ive always tried to order the steps of my own life, because i think im god. well, i dont actually, but my "plans" make it seem like i do. anyway, i think about the plan constantly and ive realized that its much more stressful than counting on The Plan. The Created Plan. the One that i have no control over, and therefore, doesnt have any deadlines or goals it has to meet. and i married a guy who finds a new interest every three days and makes all of my day to day and month to month plans go awry.

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Rebecca Louise. said...

so your having trouble sticking with the plan?!

I love your posts! :)