Monday, June 21, 2010

eel, at, and anna.

so, six or so months ago i was just living my life and trying to watch wheel of fortune on tv. did you know that eel (for wheel of fortune) was one of my first words? im quite fond of the show. my mom attributes my almost perfect spelling skills and love for reading to my childhood evenings of wheel of fortune. pat and vanna are like family. okay, thats a lie, but i really like wheel of fortune. anyway, omar doesnt. or actually, didnt. i was trying to watch it and hes a tv hog so he begged me to turn it off so we could watch The Rocker for the 86th time and so, just to spite him, i went on the WoF website and signed up to be on their email list where they let us know when they are in our area.

fast forward a few months, and the email comes that wheel of fortune will be in vegas and that we could sign up to be on sweetheart's week. so we did. and totally forgot about it.

then, a few weeks later, we get an email saying that weve been selected to come to the final audition. so we do. and we make it to the final round of the final audition!
soooo, the very best and most exciting part comes next. THEY CALLED US BACK! WE ARE GOING TO BE ON WHEEL OF FORTUNE! and the best part is- i get to meet pat sajack!!!!!!!! oh, and also win money. i guess that is a really good perk too. we film July 16th. we dont know yet when the show airs, but we do know that I GET TO MEET PAT! all of my wildest dreams are coming true.


Maryann said...

I was talking to Shaun the other day and this is basically how our conversation went:
Me: "Have you ever noticed that ALL of Allie's dreams come true?"
Shaun: "I've never really thought about it, but I guess you're right."
Me: "Why do you think that is?"
Shaun: "Because she's a dreamer, that's just Allie. And dreams come true for dreamers didn't you know!?"
Me: "You're right! Let's start dreaming!"

*Just thought I would share :)*

Chelsea said...

that's so exciting. you better wear something really cute! YOU'RE GOING TOBE ON TV!

I can't wait to watch!

Rebecca Louise. said...

I have to see this episode! Of course you guys would be on sweethearts week! :)

suzy said...

oh my word, i don't even know you and i'm completely pumped for you.

*Given Much Mom* said...

yay! :)