Tuesday, March 2, 2010

to sum things up

i told this to omar on facebook today. it is a pretty good summary of our life right now:

"hi i love you you should take me out for sushi today because im a nice wife and were best friends forever and ever oh and i write really long run on sentences and last night i back spooned you for like 5 hours you little teddy bear. oh and i was going to work out today but then i realized that today is my cheat day. just like yesterday. and the day before. and the last 24 years."


{and then he actually did but he forgot his wallet so i had to pay but were married so whatever. and that earned him 3 more years of nonstop back spooning in which i use him as a heated teddy bear/body pillow and he gets the comfort of wearing me like a backpack for 6 or so hours a night. }


Rebecca Louise. said...

Haha! This made me laugh out loud!!! Pay back spooning lol! x

Chelsea Robbins said...

aw, you guys are too cute!

Sara said...

Simply sweet. And thanks for the tip on my style. Many people agreed with you. But it would be even more fun if I went blonde (not quite that adventurous).