Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Looking back at the last seven years of journaling my life, I wrote alot about feelings and ideas, but not so much about what is actually going on. Here it is:

God carried me kicking and screaming through the first half of this semester, until I finally "got it" and stopped trying to run my own life, which i totally suck at. Anyway, I ended up with straight A's, thanks to my classmates who heelyed with me through campus and didn't give up on me in the midst of my procrastinations. 

I have the best job in the world as a nanny, getting to spend each day with smiling little angels in polka dot rain boots and piggy pajamas and wondering how I get paid to have so much fun. I'm going to miss them so much next semester.

The Roof is growing and wonderful. It is so much fun to be a part of such a dynamic ministry. It feels so good to know that we are doing exactly what we were made to do with our friends with special needs. We win.

My best friend, Whitney, lives with us and its awesome. She totally unexpectedly got engaged a couple days ago, and we are planning the most legit wedding there ever was. The best part is that six months ago, I was so bummed that my closest friends weren't married or having babies anytime soon. I started to freak out about raising my kids on my own, while they were both galivating around in single-ness. Now, they are both getting married at the beginning of next year. Score!

I have a thought on that, by the way, even though i'm not writing about feelings or ideas. Getting married young is the most illogical thing you can do. But it is so much fun growing up together!

Omar's band, Summit Grove, is really awesome. They went from five members, to two members, to five members and God is bringing them out of the desert.

This month is going to be filled with ugly sweater parties, cookie exchanges, magical forest excursions, and absolute christmas awesomeness which i hope involves this skirt:

the end.


Rebecca Louise. said...

I liked that story :)

Mama Bird said...

I'm excited for Whitney-and I thought you guys were going to wait forever got have kids anyway-what's up with this "next year" crap I'm hearing!!! She is so lucky to have a friend like you to help her plan her wedding. You have so many great ideas!