Friday, August 21, 2009

the day i got a new mac/how God changed everything in three months

it started off like any other day. i woke up, made out with my hub-a-lub, got a potentially life changing phone call, chose the easy road, struggled and prayed. if you told me three months ago that my life would look the way its going to this semester i would have laughed in your face and told myself that it would never be that good. but, it is that good. He is that good. He has taken my mourning and turned it into dancing, he has taken the prayers i lifted up into the cool air of fall 2006, prayers that i thought evaporated into the night sky, and answered them. not on my timing. not the way i planned. but He is faithful, and all of my wildest dreams are coming true. including, but not at all limited to, my favorite president of all time buying me a mac. maybe it isnt panning out exactly like that, but government funding for poor, young, married kids is not scarce, and neither are student loans, and i'd like to thank my prez for blessing me with a new! working! computer! that doesnt shut off! and actually charges! (Hi, Obama, Hi!)
 in reality though, God is doing big, big, things that are alot more relevant to the transformation of the universe than new computers and He is letting me be a part of it. which makes me cry alot. usually in the shower. it is really a miraculous thing to pray numerous prayers that you thought were going unanswered and then have them all answered at once without any effort of your own. were going to yogurtland now.

soon i will write a post on "how i spent my summer vacation/ life without your own computer for three months"- stay tuned. <3

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Rebecca Louise. said...

:O send Obama to me please! x