Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yesterday at school I saw a woman walking in the opposite direction from me scattering Pringles crumbs on the side of the grass for the birds. I smiled to myself, and kept walking along the path towards my class. As I walked further I saw more and more crumbs, then I saw birds flying away with entire chips in their mouths. Along the rest of the path there was a frenzy of hungry birds feasting on entire potato chips. Did the woman really pour out an entire can of Pringles to feed the ugly, black, birds that plague the UNLV campus? And why? Crumbs were one thing, a sweet gesture, but an entire can of whole potato chips?

Then, it dawned on me. The same thing that God has been speaking to my heart about for far too long was being played out before my eyes.

I have been giving out crumbs.

I have half-heartedly maintained my relationship with Him and with others. I have put the most important things in my life second, and put the meaningless things first.

I heard a sermon yesterday morning from Flat Irons Church that I had downloaded on my Ipod and listen to when there is a lot of traffic, and basically its come down to this:
I could spend my whole life trying to do more. Experience more. Succeed more. Get better grades and take more classes to graduate faster and fit more into my life.

But God is telling me to stop. Take a time-out. Breathe. Reconnect. Reevaluate.

I've found myself looking forward to the end of things. The next thing coming. I can't wait until this day is over. This month. This semester. College. Can't wait to be pregnant. Until the baby is born. She goes to kindergarten. To college.

How much more am I willing to miss?

I don't want to forget the finer things in life, the things that really matter to me. Like sipping green tea, and immersing myself in books, and writing on the driveway with chalk, or running through sprinklers, or flying kites, or playing scrabble, or blowing bubbles, taking walks and riding bikes and doing all of these things with people I LOVE. Taking time to not just fit people in my schedule, but be there, with them, in ups and downs and in between. I highly doubt that at the end of my life I will be thinking about how I wish I spent more time writing better lesson plans or doing dishes.

The question comes down to this: Based on the pace of life today, the stuff you spend your money on, and the stuff that fills your day planner- what do those things say is most important in your life? What are you counting on to make your life mean something?

Lets navigate through these questions together.
And maybe blow some bubbles and make wishes on dandelions while were at it.

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Rebecca Louise. said...

Allie - I absoltely LOVE this post because it is so true. I get so caught up in my college work I always find I am fitting my friends in to make it more conveniant. And I feel guilty :( this is such a good reminder to take a step aside and enjoy the pace of life rather than keep up with it :) xxx.