Saturday, March 14, 2009

Burning the candle at both ends

If I had a world of my own, I would blog all day, everyday. I am thankful that is not the case, because I wouldnt have a chance to have the many adventures that took place this weekend (which I will share with you as soon as I can) or even this semester.
See, this semester, a typical day looks like this:

5:30 a.m.- Wake up. Snooze. Wake up again. Drink instant breakfast and try not to leave the empty glass on the counter.
6:20 a.m.- Leave for work.
7:00 a.m.- Teach students calendar, weather, lunch menu, play survival signs bingo.
8:00 a.m.- Take students to breakfast, teach social skills, listen to C preach to the other students about how much God loves people, feel blessed to get paid to spend time with these kids and my sweet Younglife girl Becca
9:00 a.m.- Take students to help out at an elementary school or bowling or walk a couple miles to K-mart or get their hair done
11:00 a.m.- Eat, feel grateful for my job, try to avoid the expected crisis involving some kind of outburst, tantrum, crying episode, violence, pray alot (This lasts all day.) Thank God for Mrs. Sparks, the other teacher I work with.
12:00 p.m.- Teach kids how to cooperate and interact appropriately by using the Wii, kids do "jobs"
1:10 p.m.- Leave. Rush home to do homework, write lesson plans for class, take online quiz, eat an orange.
3:15 p.m.- Leave for school
4:00 p.m. - Sit in class, learn, spend time with classmates
9:30 p.m.- Leave school for home, listen to a sermon from or the Juno soundtrack on my Ipod
10:00 p.m.- See husband!!!!!!!! unless he is playing a show/ having a music lesson/ doing homework and unless Secret Life of the American Teenager is on (priorities, people, priorities). Make dinner, spoon, watch George Lopez reruns on Nick at Nite
11:45 p.m.- Fall asleep
5:30 a.m.- Wake up. Snooze. Wake up again. Repeat.

Daily variations:
Tuesday: practicum instead of work. Same time frame.
Wednesday: practicum instead of work, school from 1-3, hang out with Jessica until 4, marriage course at 6:30 then grocery shopping and movie night
Friday: after work, pass out instead of going to school. Hang out with Hubby.
Saturday, clean house, do homework, make dinner for Omar and Bob (his music teacher)
Sunday: Church, spend time with family, finish homework

At some point in the last five years I went from a wild, out of control, unpredictable, spontaneous teenager, to a real, bonafide, wife. My life now involves structure, and schedules, and weekly grocery shopping, and laundry, and a DAY PLANNER, and well I have survived half of a semester living like this, which may be my best accomplishment yet.

For the majority of the my life I have continuously been lectured, usually on a weekly basis, about burning the candle at both ends. And im learning that when you do that, there are consequences. Like a bedroom that looks like its been hit by an atomic bomb and a body that feels like its been run over by a tank. Fortunately, if I can get through the next five hours of school, Secret Life of the American Teenager is on, so all will be right in the world. More later. I promise.


Rebecca Louise. said...

Hectic but worth it it sounds like! Thanks for the insight! X.

Aubrey Eyre said...

Amy is having her baby next week! I'm so so excited!

: ) Aubrey